About Holly

I was born and raised in south Detroit (which doesn’t actually exist because it’s called Downriver, OK, STEVE PERRY??) and moved to Las Vegas in 2009 to be with my college ex-boyfriend, in a move that probably looked like I ripped a page out of the Sears Roebuck Catalog of Bad Decisions.

Yes, we’re still together.

No, we don’t live in a casino.

We have a house in the ‘burbs that is forever in a state of renovation due to our tendency to get really big ideas and our insistence that we do it all ourselves (“What do you want to do today, honey?” “I dunno…OOOOH! Wanna tear out the lawn and do some desert landscaping?” “I’ll get the shovels.”).**

I’m an ENFP as well as a Seven, which means my level of enthusiasm is always a few notches above the rest of the world. I enjoy making inappropriate jokes and talking in The Loud Voice (see: blog name). My brain tends to observe the world as if I live inside a Monty Python movie. I also enjoy laughing alone with salad.

**If you ever want to test the strength of a relationship, do some home improvements together. Transport 14 tons of landscaping rocks from the street in front of your house to the backyard in the middle of a Vegas summer or install a door. You’ll quickly know where you stand.


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